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What is 'Tsunami Ready' ?

'Tsunami Ready' defines tsunami safety standards - worldwide.

We advise train and certify hotels and places that are prepared for tsunami.


Which places are prepared? Just look it up on our website.


'Tsunami Ready' started in Indonesia but works with a focus on Southeast Asia.


'Tsunami Ready' is actively supported by Bali Hotels Association [BHA] and cooperates with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia as well as ASEAN.


'Tsunami Ready' Hotels and places have implemented policies and procedures in the following areas:

  • Information Sources and Interpretation
  • Decision Making
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Evacuation Route and Shelter
  • Post Tsunami
  • Earthquake
  • Community Relations and Cooperations


In a 'Tsunami Ready' Hotel you can be sure that a well prepared team will take care of you in case of emergency.


In most hotels red arrows will guide you to the nearest tsunami evacuation spot. 




A green sign indicates that you reached your evacuation spot.




'Tsunami Ready' Levels of Preparedness

You will find two different preparedness categories on our website,- 'registered' and 'certified'. 


'Tsunami Ready' Registered

Places which are 'registered' have applied for 'Tsunami Ready' certification by submitting a very comprehensive and detailed audit document to 'Tsunami Ready'.  If the document meets 'Tsunami Ready' standards the place is 'registered' and listed on our website.


'Tsunami Ready' registered places need to be certified within 6 month after registration; otherwise they lose their 'registered'' status and are deleted from our website.


'Tsunami Ready'  Certified

A place is 'Tsunami Ready' 'certified' once a successful 'on site' audit was conducted by 'Tsunami Ready'. During the audit we make sure that all policies and procedures are in place and working well. If necessary we retrain staff and redraft and re-implement unsatisfactory preparations. 'Tsunami Ready' certified places are authorized to use the 'Tsunami Ready' logo and are announced to travel agencies, embassies and consulates worldwide.


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