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Sri Lanka

Who can be 'Tsunami Ready' certified?


Every business and every place can apply for 'Tsunami Ready' certification.


Does Tsunami Ready certification guarantee that the participating place will not be negatively affected by a possible tsunami?


Tsunami Ready is providing a standard and a wide range of resources, advice and training to empower especially the tourism industry to prepare for tsunami in order to prevent and reduce damage to life and property as much as possible. However Tsunami Ready cannot prevent tsunami events nor can it guarantee that a 'Tsunami Ready' place will endure a tsunami without negative effects. No place is tsunami proof.


 Does 'Tsunami Ready' provide tsunami early warnings?


No, 'Tsunami Ready' trains to prepare for tsunamis. The organization doesn't provide tsunami early warning information.


Is it possible to successfully surf a major tsunami wave?


'Tsunami Ready' is not aware of anyone ever surfing a major tsunami wave and being able to tell the story afterwards.


Will a life vest safe my life during a tsunami event?


The best method to survive a tsunami is to move as far away from the beach and as high up as possible. A tsunami is not just a massive wave and surge of water - it is a rapidly moving current filled with debris from floating cars to trees to virtually everything else.  People get crushed and injured by this debris and a life vest probably only offers very limited protection.

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